Body Overhaul Program

6 Weeks
$ 249 One time
  • Online Workouts
  • Weekly Nutrition Challenges
  • Weekly Accountability

No Restrictive Dieting

Learn how to eat eliminate cravings
and emotional eating

One Habit At A Time

Simple daily nutrition practices in bite size pieces minus the overwhelm

Coaching and Guidance

Change your relationship with food and yourself

A Structured Program

Just like a staircase this program is structured to get you to the winning podium at the top

Progress Check

Relevant research in psychology, exercise physiology, and nutrition.
All the brainy people did the research!


Private contact with your Certified Expert Coach. It's like having a 5 point harness in your race car keeping you safe and secure.

Body Overhaul Program

6 Weeks
$ 249 One time
  • Online Workouts
  • Weekly Nutrition Challenges
  • Weekly Accountability

What can you expect from this program?

  • Experience marked improvements in your physical health, energy levels and mental well-being so you can easily continue (or get back to) doing all the fun things you’ve always enjoyed.

  • Gain control over your monkey-mind negative self-talk and limiting beliefs so you can ditch unruly food cravings, mindless emotional eating and self-sabotage behaviours.

  • Gain confidence in your daily food choices so you can take the guess work out of planning healthy, balanced meals every time.

  • Lose weight naturally and permanently so you can fit back into ALL the clothes in your closet (including your favourite jeans) and feel proud & confident in them!

  • Enjoy better sleep quality so you can put an end to struggling through some days feeling like a drowsy zombie.

  • Discover new methods of self-care so you can reclaim your sense of peace

Are you ready for a Full body overhaul?

Results in 6 Weeks


It’s time to stop hiding away behind that uncomfortable bulge and shameful weekend binge eating.

Instead, let me show you how to become consistent with your workouts teaching your body how to convert rolls into a fat burning machine.

Want to learn how to eat in a way to maximize fat loss?

This online program gives you weekly challenges around nutrition, teaching you by offering choices, how to fill your body with yummy food and still enjoy the process.

Having a step by step proven system has helped so many girls and guys gain back their energy so they feel alive and vibrant again.

Easy to follow workouts that are portable, accessed on your phone or iPad and can be done either at home or at the gym.

You get to choose what fits into your timeline with as little as 20 mins workouts or longer for those who have the time.

Real testimonials from real clients just like you

I felt like I was stuck, unhappy with my overall health and choices. I was inundated with information on how to be "healthy" and didn't know exactly where to start. I had extra pounds after college and was looking to change my lifestyle. This program shifted my thinking and improved my relationship with food. The lessons and habits were easy to follow and complete. I've now lost over 15 pounds! Now I reach for foods that work well for my body, without thinking too hard about it or second-guessing. I feel very proud of myself for completing coaching with Chrissy and am looking forward to utilizing the things I learned for years to come!
This morning the scale showed a number I haven't seen in years! I am so happy I reached my goal! Thank you so much.
I’ve lost over 20lbs since starting this transformation with Chrissy. I would never before have considered myself a healthy or fit person. Now I I've realized that, it's not a binary condition, you're not either healthy or unhealthy, but there's a continuum and everybody is on it somewhere and is moving along it in some direction or another. To my amazement, now coworkers, clients, friends and other people in my life think of me as a fit and healthy confident person.

Body Overhaul Program

6 Weeks
$ 249 One time
  • Fat loss
  • Increased energy
  • Confidence