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Mandy B

"To be honest I only signed up for the 5 Day Sugar Detox Challenge because I had never heard of it and was curious... After 2 weeks of following it, I feel incredible! Tons more energy and I lost 7 pounds!"


"I just completed the 28 Day BreakFree Program and loved it. I was surprised how delicious the food was on the menu, how easy it was to follow and how I stayed motivated for the entire time.

I feel so good and will continue on this plan!"

Steph J

"This program was exactly what I needed. I used to exercise and eat well but let it all slip away. I lost 10lbs in the first 2 weeks. I couldn't even believe it myself.!"


"I have completed Kiwicardio's programs over the years and have learned so much and keep coming back for more. Always there for support and encouragement. I would highly recommend them for anyone struggling to lose weight and stay on track!"

Kickstart Your Habits, Anchor Your Wins, Achieve Results, And Crush Your Goals!

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About The Fitness & Nutrition Expert

"Success leaves clues... And I've put together the very best meal plans and recipes used by our most successful clients to jumpstart their results and build massive momentum!"

Chrissy Duncan

Everyone deserves to feel their best and I've made it my mission to help those who are ready and willing to get there.

Whether through fitness, nutrition or around creating healthy daily habits I have spent the last 15 years studying and applying my knowledge then creating programs that work for the vast variety of clients I work with.

The hardest decision you'll make is taking the leap of faith to start.  

Leave the rest up to me.

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