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Want a lean, mean, healthy functioning body that you can be proud of?

We offer several products that will easily have you eating your way to the body you deserve.


10-Day Total Mind & Body Detox

The safest and fastest way to cleanse and detox your body. Using whole foods, yummy smoothies and detoxifying soups to replenish your body with all the nutrients needed to get fast results.

This program leaves you feeling energized, promotes healthy habits, reduces bloating and inflammation in the body. You will improve your sleep, feel refreshed and the bonus.... dropping a few pounds of waste along the way.

Everything you need from grocery lists, recipes and daily motivation is included.

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Note: this program is best started on a Friday so you have the weekend to prepare ready to begin on Monday

14-Day Wellness Reset Program


This is a gentle approach to incorporating healthier food options into your daily life.

It consists of a daily meal plan with simple, easy to use ingredients that the whole family will enjoy. Daily motivation and a no brainer when it comes to getting control of your daily food intake. This popular program has had participants seeing between 5-15lbs of waste and fat reduction by simply following along and enjoying the yummy recipes that it provides.

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28-Day Breakfree Program


The ultimate program to create vitality and rejuvenation both inside and out. It includes both meal plans AND daily workouts to embrace and lock in a new healthy lifestyle. Delicious menu items, grocery lists and easy to prepare snacks to keep you feeding your way to a leaner physique. This program will eliminate snacking habits and break lazy patterns by having you moving your body for a minimum of 20 minutes a day with easy to follow exercises that can be done at home or the gym. Perfect for someone who needs a long term plan to follow in order to lose excess body fat and create new habits that will last.

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Chrissy Duncan

With 16 years in the health & fitness industry, I've been able to help thousands of people eliminate the struggle with weight loss, getting lean and building a stronger body fit for life. Fitness Leader of the year in 2015, 3 years of Sports Nutrition Training with Precision Nutrition and countless hours of personal development studying human behaviour and habits has given me the tools and knowledge to help those who are ready to make a positive change.

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